Japanese Fashion Trends to Try for Daily Style Upgrades

Some of her style trends in simpler packaging, like some of the inspiration below.


1.Rok Midi

rok midi

The midi skirt was a trend in the 60-70s and was abandoned. He is also usually synonymous with old things plus cupu, but not anymore. This calf-length skirt is a trend in Japan and is widely used by office workers and even Harajuku followers


2. Camo Pants

camo pants

Camouflage pants also graced world fashion trends in the early 2000s. Was considered out of date, he returned to the surface. Young Japanese are wearing them again and now camo pants are one of the coolest items perfect for music festivals.


3. Pink Denim


Pink Denim


Not only in Japan, pink denim is a global trend that is currently popular. Pink color can be combined with many colors really. Not only neutral colors, even pop colors that collide like yellow can.


4. Clogs




Clogs that are currently trending are not only in the form of sandals, there are also sandals like this one. In Korea and Japan, people usually combine it with socks. Very high fashion, here.


5. Bold Hoodie


Bold Hoodie


If you pay attention, hoodies are also trending in the fashion realm in recent years. Hoodies now come with lightweight materials so they are comfortable to wear for everyday activities, complete with a variety of attractive colors. Pastel to bold, a cute hoodie like this is one item that you will often find on the streets of Japan.


6. Trench coat


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Trench coat


In the 90s, trench coats were clothes that were often worn by celebrities and singers. It was also abandoned, but not in Japan. They are still faithful to wear it on various occasions and the results are still beautiful. Its loose and long nature is also suitable for Muslim clothing.





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