The dangers of running heavy programs for too long on a computer and handling it – Because our needs sometimes run programs that are heavy and exceed the capacity of the computer. But actually this is quite dangerous for your computer if you run it wrong. The dangers posed if you run the wrong heavy program will damage your computer slowly.


The effects may not be felt immediately and do not damage your computer directly. But the perceived effects occur gradually starting from lag, slowing performance, etc. Here are some of the dangers of running heavy programs for too long on a computer.



The dangers of running a heavy program for too long

There are some dangers caused by unnatural use. The unnatural use in question is to use a computer to run programs that exceed capacity for too long. Any effects or dangers caused are as follows:

Hardware Malfunction

Hardware is an important component of a computer. Hardware processes all data and displays it. Without hardware a computer will not run, because the hardware is the core part.

Hardware itself has different capacities or specifications, usually adjusting the budget. If you run a program that exceeds capacity then the performance of the hard drive will be heavier. Just like humans if forced to do something that exceeds capacity will definitely be quickly damaged.

Not only hard drives but other hardware devices will be affected. For example RAM, Processor, Chipset, VGA, etc. will be affected badly. So you should think long first when you want to run a program that exceeds hardware capacity.

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Slowing down computer performance

This is still concerned with point number 1 which is the hard drive problem. Indeed, the hard drive will not be damaged immediately, but it will be damaged slowly. Damage that will occur on the hard drive is usually characterized by the performance of the computer that is slowing down.

Not only hard drives but other hardware components such as RAM, CPU, and so on will also affect performance. When one or more hard drive components are problematic, your computer's performance will slow down.

If it is like a human being then before the pain must feel strange things. For example, feeling unwell, dizzy, or easily tired. This is the same as hardware, hardware will show that it will be damaged with its slowed performance.



Fast-HeatIng Computer

If you run a heavy program for too long then your computer will be very hot. This can trigger damage to other components and if too often the computer will heat up quickly. Even the heat caused can cause the cable to burn and cause a short circuit.

There are often incidents of computers catching fire or emitting smoke. This incident occurs when the computer is working in extreme heat conditions. When the computer is super hot and still used to run heavy programs, then one of the components will lose and cause the component to burn. Components that often experience this are cables and components made of flammable plastic materials.

Heat from the CPU can also harm health, and will make you feel dizzy. This happens because the heat generated by the CPU is not natural heat and comes from bad heat.

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One of the best handling

The best treatment to overcome this is to pause periodically. This method is very effective to avoid the risks caused. So in essence you can run programs that exceed the original capacity not too long. If your computer is hot enough then pause the program until the computer is cold.

Then you do not immediately open the heavy program again after closing it. Give a pause until your computer is cold, if it is cold continue your program. Or you can make a benchmark for example every 30 minutes you give a 10-minute pause periodically.

This way your computer will be more durable and you can save on servicing costs. Do not let you ignore this method if you want your computer to last.

Thus the article about the dangers of running a heavy program for too long and handling it. Hopefully this article can be useful, if there are questions written in the comments field.

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