Use these tips if you want to repel termites in your home.

Termites are often pests that can damage your property, because they are group animals. Even in one group can consist of thousands of termites, and thousands of termites will damage what is a barrier.

Termites will usually make a hole and emerge from the ground, if it reaches the surface and is blocked by walls or other properties they will penetrate it by perforating it. This is a very annoying and detrimental thing, often the walls and wood in the house are targeted by termites. Moreover, wood placed in the ground, usually will be porous because it is eaten by termites.

You must eradicate termites the first time you see them, so that termites do not spread and get worse. So how to get rid of termites? Here’s some tips.

A powerful way to repel termites in the house

There are some tips that you can try to eradicate termites, you can use one of the tips according to the conditions. And here are tips for eradicating termites.

Using Anti-Termites

The way you can do to eradicate termites for the first time is to use anti-termites. With anti-termites can be sure termites will disappear quickly, even just a matter of hours or even minutes.

Basmi in the part of the hole where termites go in and out so that all termites are destroyed, if you only eradicate the visible termites then the termite colony that is still in the hole has not been washed and can still come out to create problems again.

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There are also anti-termites that can be used to avoid termite attacks in the long run, so once termites in the termites will not appear again in your home.

Keep the room moist

Damp rooms will usually invite termites to come, because termites like damp places. This often happens in room cabinets or warehouses where air ventilation is not good, minimal air ventilation will make the room become damp and invite termites.

So to eradicate termites or to avoid termite attacks you have to keep moisture, to keep the humidity you have to improve ventilation.

Basmi termites with Nematode Worms (Roundworms)

What is a nematode worm? This worm is a parasitic worm that is often found in the garden, especially in the soil that is muddy or in the soil of goat or cow dung. This worm turns out to be useful to eradicate termites until the colonies until clean.

Just place the worms in the hole of the termite colony as much as possible, the worms will eat out all the termites in the hole. The more worms, the better.

Use camphor

We all know that camphor is made from powerful chemicals to eradicate small insects such as cockroaches. This also works for termites, you can repel termites with camphor. Because termites also include small insects that cannot survive if exposed to naphthalene chemicals found in camphor, even though only exposed through the air.

So just place the camphor in the place where termites are, or located in the part of the house that has the potential to be attacked by termites as a prevention.

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Flush with hot water

Watering with hot water can be the first step when you encounter termites in your home. Termites will die when exposed to hot water, but this method is less effective because termites in the soil are not exposed or the water does not reach the bottom of the termite hole.

Thus the article on how to eradicate termites, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you. And hopefully the termite problem you can overcome smoothly, if there are questions please include it in the comments field.

Originally posted 2021-09-13 10:54:24.