Here’s how to cut a video with the right Kine Master

Ocazone – Kine Master application is a pretty good video editing application, kine master can be used to cut videos and other video editing needs. Kine master application is very easy to use and widely used by youtuber-youtuber to edit videos before publishing on their channel.

Kine master offers complete features so you don’t need another app when editing a video. The flagship features of kine master are green screen, video cut, transition, main track and layer, video and audio edit, filter, and many other interesting features.

In addition, kine master also provides custom resolution when you want to export your project, so you can measure the quality yourself. The better the resolution you choose, the better and clearer your video, but of course the size of the video will be bigger. With the features offered by kine master now you can cut and edit your videos in the application. And you can also determine for yourself the resolution of the video you cut as needed.

For those of you who are interested in cutting videos with kine master, you can try the tutorial I provide below. Wondering how? Let’s take a careful tutorial.

Cut videos on Kine Master

For those of you who do not have a kine master application, you can download it on the Free Play Store!!!.

If you have installed the kine master application let’s proceed to the tutorial, here is how to cut the video in kine master:

  • Open the kine master app.
  • Create a new project, landscape or potrait (according to the video you are going to edit).
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Cut videos with Kine Master

  • Then import the video you will cut, how to press the media button> select the video to be cut>the + button on the video to add.

Import video Kine Master

  • Place the line right in the part you will cut.

Cut Kine Master videos

  • Then press the scissor icon in the tool bar section, or see the image below.

How to cut a Video

  • Select trim to the left of the playhead to crop the video that is to the left of the line. (The part of the video to the left of the line will disappear).

Kine Master video cut button

  • Select trim to the right of the playhead to cut the video that is to the right of the line. (The part of the video to the right of the line will disappear).

Cut kine master's right video

  • Select Divide in the playhead to cut just below the line. (cut the video just below the line, the sections on the right and left of the line are not missing). Picture it like the next point.
  • Cutting the middle of the video, you can use it again in the playhead at the beginning and end of the video that you will cut then press the trash can button. See the image below to make it clearer.

Cutting The Middle of Kine Master video

  • Select Share and insert a new frame to cut just below the line and insert a screenshoot of the video right in the cut section. See the picture below.

Cut a screenshot of Kine Master

  • Use Play and mirror to play and reflect or flip the look of your video.
  • Select Horizontal Mirror to flip to the right or left.
  • Select Vertical mirror to flip up or down.
  • Select rotate left to play the video 90 degrees to the left
  • Select rotate to the right to play the video 90 degrees to the right.
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How to save Videos on Kine Master

If you’ve finished cutting and editing your video, you can then save it to mp4 format. Here’s how to save edited videos in kine master:

  • Make sure you have completed video editing.
  • Press the export button in the top right corner
  • Determine the resolution of export video (e.g. FHD 1080P with a bit rate of 3.19 mbps), if you have pressed the save button.
  • Wait until the export process is complete.
  • If it appears in action like the image below it means the saving process is complete.

Save Kine Master videos

How, it’s easy to cut a video with a kine master. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you, if there are questions please include it in the comments field.

Originally posted 2021-08-30 11:50:38.