Here are 3 ways to screenshot on the easiest laptop

Ocazone – Screenshot or screenshot is a term that is often heard. As the name implies screenshot serves to capture the laptop screen, and convert it into an image form. Not only laptop you can also do screenshoots on smartphones and tablets, even almost all smartphone users already know how to screenshot.

Just imagine if there are no screenshots on the laptop, surely everything will be very chaotic. So the screenshot function on a laptop is very important, because sometimes we need a screenshot of the laptop. For example, when we make tutorials on a laptop, make reports, and so on. Actually how to screenshoot on a laptop is very easy, but there are some people who do not know it.

How to Screenshot on a laptop

There are 3 ways that you can use to do screenshots on a laptop, all three are very easy. But the three ways to do screenshots have different features, and here are 3 ways to screenshot on a laptop.

How to screenshot on a laptop using the print screen button

The easiest way to take a screenshot on a laptop is to print the screen button on the keybord. This method is very simple but has some disadvantages, here is a screenshot tutorial on the laptop using the print screen button:

Open the screen or tab of the laptop you want to screenshot.

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Then press the print screen key on the keyboard.

Then open an application that supports image import, for example ms word, corel, photoshop, etc.

For example, admins use ms word/wps document.

How to screenshot on a laptop

Then paste the screenshot in ms word, can use the shortcut ctrl +v or right click> paste. Then the screen that we screenshoot will appear.

Screenshot on laptop

Then adjust the image such as cutting, resizing, etc.

Screenshot on laptop

If you can save the image by right-clicking on the image and select save picture.

Screenshot on laptop

And the last step is to select the folder you want to save, and then press save.

Screenshot on laptop

This method has flaws such as the size of the image that is too large, and the entire laptop screen is caught. This requires you to cut off unnecessary parts, making it a little troublesome for you. But from the other side this is the easiest and most widely used way of screenshots on laptops today.

How to screenshot on a laptop using windows button + print screen

The second way to screenshot on a laptop is to use the windows + print screen shortcut key. With this button your screenshot will be automatically stored in the pictures menu or document folder. You just need to press the shortcut button and check in the pictures folder or document, usually the screenshots go there.

But just like the first method of screenshot of a laptop screen with this method is still a full screen image. So you still need to edit it to fit your needs. To edit it you need additional applications such as photoshop, ms word, corel, etc.

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How to screenshot on a laptop using Snipping Tools

And the last method for screenshots of laptop screens is to use snipping tools. Snipping tools is a built-in windows application that serves to capture screens or screenshoots.

The advantage of using snipping tools is that it can do screenshots on laptops with custom sizes. So we can determine which size and which parts we want to screenshot, this seems to be better. You do not need to bother re-editing your screenshot results because you have arranged as needed. Here is a screenshot tutorial on the laptop using snipping tools:

First open the snipping tools application, open the search menu and snipping tools.

Screenshot on laptop

If it is open, it will appear the initial view of snipping tools, such as the image below:

Snipping tools

Then press the Try & Sketch button in the image above, it will appear like the picture below.

How to screenshot on a laptop

Then press the new button in the top left corner, it will appear like the picture below.

Screenshot on laptop

Then create a box in the section that you want to capture the screen, then the result is like the picture below.

Screenshots on laptop

Actually you can also use the windows shortcut key + shift + s to run this application. But for admin knowledge create a tutorial by opening the snipping tools manually.

Screenshot Laptop

Is it easy to screenshot on a laptop? Admin suggests using the way you think is easiest. Or the way you think is most effective because everything you can use. Indeed, the way screenshots on a laptop is a little complicated when compared to the way screenshots on smartphones. But even though it’s a little complicated screenshoot on a laptop is very important.

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With the laptop screenshoot feature people can facilitate their work, there is no need to photograph the laptop screen with a mobile phone. Usually screenshoots are used by many people for the purposes of making reports, tutorials (such as the process of creating this article) store info or data that cannot be stored, and other ain.

Although a little complicated but actually screenshoot on a laptop is very easy. You just need to use one of the laptop screenshot methods available in this article. There may still be other ways to screenshot a laptop screen, but according to admin 3 ways above is the easiest way to screenshot a laptop screen.

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