How to overcome xl voucher code can not be used

XL voucher codes cannot be used – Many people like the purchase of credit and data plans in the form of vouchers. This may be done to reduce the risk of incorrect numbers when buying pulses at outlets or agents.

But the problem is sometimes we have difficulties when we want to use the voucher. This usually happens between problematic vouchers or those of us who are less careful, such as incorrectly entering the code and other errors.

But now you don’t have to worry because admins will share some ways to overcome voucher codes xl can not be used. Just look at the guidelines available in this article to overcome it.

How to overcome xl voucher code error can not be used

There are some tips to overcome voucher xl error, please read first whether you are right or not. The following are some tips on overcoming xl vouchers can not be used.

Make sure you enter the voucher code correctly.

If you experience an error when entering the error voucher code, the first thing you do is make sure that you have entered the code correctly. And here’s how to enter the xl voucher code correctly:

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How to enter the XL quota voucher code:

  • Check the validity period of the voucher code.
  • If it is still valid rub in the appropriate section of instructions in the voucher.
  • Then type *123*234# select “Accept Prime Card Package” and select Send.
  • The next step is to enter the XL Number you want to fill in and input also the XL voucher code, if you have please choose send.
  • If successful you will receive an SMS message in the form of XL Quota notification.

The above method only applies to the latest XL card, if you use the old XL card please follow the tutorial below:

  • Rub the voucher in the appropriate section of the instructions on the voucher.
  • Then type *123*234*voucher code#. Example: *123*234*123456789 #
  • Then there will be a notification message that your quota is already active.

How to enter the xl credit voucher code:

  • Check the active period of the voucher first.
  • Make sure you buy a credit voucher instead of a quota voucher.
  • Then rub the voucher.
  • Then type *123*234*voucher code# example : *123*234*987654321# and call.
  • If successful, an sms notification will appear that your credit has entered or been successfully added.

Check Voucher Validity Period

There is often a problem of invalid vouchers or unusable xl vouchers caused by expired vouchers. Expired vouchers can not be used, so you must be careful when you want to buy vouchers. In addition, you also have to ascertain whether the voucher has been used or not. If the xl voucher has been used then the voucher cannot be reused.

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You can also check whether the voucher is still valid or not, the way is as follows:

  • Type *123*5*7*2 #
  • Then enter the voucher code
  • Then press call
  • Then there will be a reply from the server.
  • Check at the bottom of the reply.
  • If the 892152312911 appears, it means that the voucher can still be
    use until November 31-11-21 or November 31, 2021.
    If the date that appears is past the date when you check the voucher for example 892152312908 or 31-08-21.
    then the voucher has been used du that date or expired on that date.
  • If you are still confused how to calculate it like this 892152312911. Red is the year, yellow is the date, and green is the month.

Make sure the voucher you buy is appropriate.

This is also sometimes a problem although rare, which is the wrong purchase of vouchers. When you use XL vouchers but you buy indosat vouchers or other operators, then the voucher will not be able to be used.

Usually this happens for people who are still gaptek, so we need to provide education to minimize mistakes. And this incident was experienced by my friend, he used xl prime card but bought Telkomsel voucher. Automatically the xl voucher can not be used, and ask me for help. Yes, I immediately replied, you will pake XL kok buy Telkomsel voucher. Then I told him to exchange the telkomsel voucher for XL voucher, and when tried it was successful.

How to check credit and XL quota

When you successfully overcome the xl voucher can not be used, usually automatically pulse or quota directly entered. But you have to make sure first, which is by checking. Here’s how to check the XL Pulse and Quota:

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How to check XL quota

You can check xl quota via dial *123# and here is the full tutorial:

  • Type *123# on the dial pad
  • Then press the call button
  • Then select the internet menu
  • and select Check Internet Quota
  • And lastly please select an active package
  • Then there will be the remaining amount of your quota.

Car check XL pulse

If you buy a credit voucher, then you can check your credit via *123#. How almost the same as the quota check process, to be more clear please refer to the tutorial below:

  • Type *123# on the dial pad
  • Then press call
  • Then you will show up the rest of your pulse.

FAQ On Xl Voucher Usage

The following are FAQs or questions that are often asked about XL vouchers:

What is Voucher XL?
Xl voucher is a special card that contains the prime and refill code.

What are the advantages of Voucher XL?
Easier and more efficient.

What are the shortcomings of VOUCHER XL?
The validity period of the voucher, if it has expired the voucher cannot be used.

How can I resolve voucher xl can not be used?
For how to overcome voucher xl error, I have explained in detail in this article.

How do I enter xl voucher code?
Please read this article correctly, you will get the answer.

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