The Easiest Way to Top Up Free Fire 1000 Rupiah Using Indosat Pulse

Ocazone – How to Top Up FF 1000 Rupah with Indosat Pulse is a tutorial that many free fire game players are looking for. Usually this method is used to complete any Top Up mission, because sometimes there are events that only top up in any amount.

If you want to save money but want to complete the mission of the event now you don’t have to worry. Because now you can top up free fire games with indosat pulse with only 1000 rupiah only.

Like the title of this tutorial only applies to indosat card users only, for other card users are currently unable to. Indosat user special is able to top up 1000 rupiah only, unlike other card users whose minimum top up is 3000 or 5000 rupiah. Well for those of you who want to try it, you can see the tutorial top up ff 1000 rupiah using indosat.

How to Top Up Free Fire 1000 Rupiah

We will use the 3rd party service to top up, which is to use codashop services. But you do not need to worry because codashop is very reliable and popular, not only top up free fire but a lot of other games available there. And here is how to top up FF 1000 rupiah specifically indosat users:

  1. Make sure you have sufficient credit, at least 2000 rupiah because there will be a VAT fee.
  2. Then open the browser on your phone, advice from me to use Chrome to make it easier.
  3. Then go to the official codashop website that is
  4. There are a lot of game options available, please choose Free Fire.
  5. The next step please enter your free fire id, you can see in your ff account profile. (Make sure the ID you’re entering is correct).
  6. If you have please choose the nominal top up, there are many options with a minimum of 5 diamonds at a price of a thousand rupiah, up to 2180 diamonds at a price of 450 thousand rupiah. Choose the 5 diamond rp 1000, because you will top up the 1000 rupiah.
  7. Then the select payment section please select indosat, for other operators are usually not available with this nominal.
  8. Then input your email to receive proof of payment, and press continue.
  9. Input nomoh indosat hp that will be used to top up.
  10. If it’s correct, press the buy button now.
  11. Check the sms from codashop and reply according to the instructions.
  12. If you receive a credit receipt reply you have cut 1000 rupiah blah blah blah, then your top up process is successful.
  13. Please check by logging into the free fire game, then automatically your diamond will increase.
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Top Up FF 1000 Rupiah

Do you think top up free fire with a price of 1000 rupiah including murdah?
Actually top up using pulses in any game costs more. For example, the price of 200 diamonds is 20,000 thousand credits, if you pay for it with a digital wallet then the price is only 14,500 rupiah. Not to mention the added cost of buying pulses, for example buying 5,000 rupiah pulse costs 7,000 rupiah. So essentially top up using credit is more expensive when compared to top up using a digital wallet or bank account.

Thus the article challenges how to top up FF 1000 rupiah using indosat, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you. If you have any questions, please include them in the comments section.

Originally posted 2021-08-26 13:51:24.