Update! How to Delete Konami Id PES 2021 Mobile Account

Ocazone – How to delete konami pes mobile account – Konami ID is a special account used to store konami game data such as PES 2021 Mobile YuGiOh, etc. For Pes 2021 mobile you can save your account through a google account, but you should save your account using Konami ID as well to make it more secure. In addition to being safer you will also get bonuses such as MyClub Coin, E Football Points, and other events.

But usually there are some obstacles that occur so you have to delete konami id account, for those who are still lay must be confused because the feature of removing konami ID is not in the game, but through the website. For those of you who want to delete google play link data you can see the tutorial here how to unlink google play pes 2021 mobile, and for those of you who want to delete konami id link data you can listen to this article until it runs out.

How to delete Konami ID Pes mobile account

There are several ways that you can use to delete konami id accounts that are linked to your bubonic account. For those of you who do not know how to create a konami ID account you can see it in this article how to create a konami account mobile pes ID. And if you want to delete konami id account here are some ways to delete konami id account associated with your bubonic account.

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Delete konami id using account overwriting method

The first way to delete konami id account is to overwrite konami id account, the way is quite easy and you need 2 mobile pes accounts in order to use this method. For those of you who want to create a new account you can see the tutorial in this article how to create a new mobile pes account, okay now just go to the tutorial overwrite konami id account.

  • Set up 2 mobile pes accounts in advance, 1 account that has been linked to konami account and 1 account that has not been related.
  • For security please link both accounts to your Google account, or use the clone app. For the mobile pes application clone tutorial you can see it in this article how to clone the mobile pes application.
  • If your account is safe please open an account that is not related to konami id.
  • Then open the data transfer menu in the game, and select data transfer using konami account.
  • Then you will be directed to the web browser, then press the red button that says user who registered.
  • Then login using konami id account related to the pes account that konami id wants to delete konami id.
  • If your login is successful you will be redirected back into the game and will appear a notification “do you want to overwrite your konami id account?” press okay / overwrite.
  • Then reopen the first bubonic plague account, and check into the data transfer section. Then your account is no longer associated with konami id account.
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If you still do not understand you can contact me through the contact page, god willing I will help to delete your konami ID account. If the above tutorial you do right 100% will definitely work, if unwanted things happen like losing an account it is not my responsibility.

Delete konami id on konami’s official website

The second way to delete konami id link data associated with your bubonic account is through konami’s official website, but this method is not recommended because there are often errors. Usually the error in the status of konami id data transfer in the mobile pes application listed linked or related, even though the associated konami id account has been deleted through konami’s website. This can cause your pes account can not be linked to konami id account, either the same konami id account or other konami id account.

But if there is no other option and you want to keep using this method to delete konami id account associated with your pes account admin will give the tutorial, here is a tutorial to delete konami id account through konami website.

  • Please open konami’s official website or click here,then login with konami account that will be deleted.
  • If you are logged in please click delete konami id
  • Then confirm the deletion of konami id account sent via email.

Thus the tutorial to delete konami account id pes 20201 mobile, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you. If you have any questions, please include them in the comments section.

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