Here’s How to Edit Livery Game Bus Simulator Indonesia on Android

Ocazone – How to edit livery Bus Simulator indonesia. Game Bus Simulator Indonesia is the most famous bus game in Indonesia, this game is very exciting to play. What makes this game more exciting is the allowed users to use MOD, even provided features.

We can make a livery or can modify the vehicle we will use. But to edit the livery in this game you need another application, namely the MediBang Paint application. You can download the app for free on the play store, so you don’t have to google it. You just need to search for this application in the play store by entering the mediBang keyword in the search field.

Bus Simulator Indonesia game developered by Maleo, this game is also quite light and has a size of less than 80 MB. This game also uses the path and several places in Indonesia, you can choose the desired route and pass through several major cities in Indonesia.

For a better gaming experience, you can edit the livery or modify the vehicle. In addition to the MediBang paint application you also need additional applications such as sketching, eraser, and picsay pro applications. Oh yes do not forget to download the livery template that has been provided in the Bus Simulator Indonesia game, please download as desired.

So how do I modify the vehicle? Here’s how to edit the livery of the indonesian bus simulator game.

Edit Livery bus simulator with Draw and Paint Sketch App

The application that you first prepare is Sketch Draw & Paint, please download and install first. This application we will use to give color without using the pencil feature, this will make it easier for us. In this application we can use the coloring feature in one block, so we set which blocks we want to color.

If you’ve finished editing, you can’t delete the background using this app. So the parts that are not important such as the background will be white, or not transparent. Then you have to use the second application to remove the white color, the application that can be used is the eraser application.

Edit livery Bus Simulator with Eraser App

If you’ve edited the color in the Draw &Paint Sketch app, then the next step is to remove the white background. This is so that the background is not visible, because it greatly interferes with the appearance later.

First of all please download and install the eraser application, this application is in the play store and free. If it is already installed please open it and start editing. For how to edit it is quite easy, and no special skills are to just open the eraser application, select the image that you have made earlier using the draw &paint sketch application. Then select the auto eraser mode and point the pointer to the part that you want to remove, then the background that was white will turn transparent.

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When you’re done, please save the picture. Then we’ll go to the final step to refinement. We need an app called Picsay pro.

Edit Livery bus simulator using Picsay Pro

You need to download and install the picsay pro application, you can search for it on google. This method is actually optional, because the image you created can already be installed. But to beautify the livery we can perfect it using the Picsay Pro application.

We will use the insert picture feature, this will add images as we see the vehicle. You need to prepare the image you want to add, can be your own photo or other images.

The trick is very easy, you just need to open the edited image in picsay, then open the effect menu, select insert picture, select the image you want. You can add more than 1 image, how to follow the steps above again. When you’re done you click the export section, and select png, or jpeg very high Quality.

How to import livery in Game Bus Simulator Indonesia

If you have completed the edit process and want to enter the modifications into the game, please continue reading. I will give a tutorial to enter the template of the modified game Bus Simulator indonesia.

Actually the way is very easy, but there may be some who do not know. To import the template please open the game (select online mode), then press the livery file import menu. Then you will be directed to the file manager or gallery, please look for the modified file earlier. If you have found it click the file and select import. If it is imported you can install it now, but you need to know, to install a livery you need enough coins and money.

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Thus the article on how to edit livery game bus simulator indonesia, hopefully it can be useful for all of you. If you have any questions please write in the comments section.

Originally posted 2021-08-14 08:41:07.