How to Overcome Mobile Legend Data Resource Download Does Not Appear

Ocazone – When you install Game Mobile Legend you have to download data resources, usually automastic upload when you open the game. But the problem is sometimes the download process does not appear, so all the resource data is not downloaded. Then you have to overcome downloading mobile legend resources that do not appear.

Mobile Legend Resource data is data that contains the main contents of the game. Resurce Mobile Legend contains Skin data, Sound Effects, Language, Event, Graphics, Advanced Mode (Brawl, Magic Chess, and other Arcade Modes), and other key data. You need to download resources for a better gaming experience, as there will be many drawbacks if you don’t download them. For example the event does not appear, the hero or skin only looks like a ball, there is no sound in the game, low graphics, etc.

Download Data Resource Mobile legend

If you have obstacles not the emergence of mobile legend data resource downloads, you do not need to worry. In this article I will give a tutorial to overcome it, here is a tutorial to overcome downnload data Resource Mobile legend:

  1. Check your Internal Memory Capacity, Make sure you have enough free space to store the resource.
  2. The free space needed to store mobile legend resources is about 1 GB to 2 GB.
  3. Then make sure your internet connection is stable, try downloading anything whatever. If the download speed is fast, it will make it easier for you.
  4. If your internet connection is fast please open the mobile legend game.
  5. Then go to the settings menu, it’s in the top right corner that’s like a gear icon.
  6. Then select the update settings menu, its position is at the very bottom.
  7. Then check the option “Update apps automatically only in a wifi environment” if you use wifi, and check “Update apps automatically only in mobile network environments” If you are using a data plan. I recommend using wifi because the data downloaded is quite large.
  8. The next step please re-run the mobile legend game to check.
  9. To test it please open a mode that has not been opened such as brawl, if the notification appears “Is downloading important data” then you have succeeded.
  10. Wait a few minutes for the resource download icon to appear, usually round and appears several % and connection speed.
  11. To see the details please tap the icon, it will appear what resources you are downloading and how many mb the size. There are many resources with different sizes, such as HD skin effects with a size of 50 mb, data skin hero with a size of 900 mb, etc.
  12. Just wait until the resource download is complete.
  13. Oh yes, you can also choose which resource you will download first, how to press the up arrow key next to the resource name.
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Download Resource Mobile legend

That’s how to overcome the download of mobile legend resource data does not appear, the point is you have to prepare enough storage space. If you feel your storage is enough but still eror try to reinstall the mobile legend game, make sure you download it directly from the play store or app store. If you have any questions please write in the comments section.

Originally posted 2021-08-26 15:15:15.