Here’s how to install Pes 2021 on a Laptop or PC

Pes 2021 is one of the football games created and developed by Konami. This game can be installed on several platforms such as Android iOS, PC, and Play Station.

Of the three platforms above certainly have differences, such as different ways of installation. For how to install PES 2021 mobile is very easy, you just need to download in the play store. But for the PC version the way to install PES 2021 has a different way.

For those of you who want to install pes 2021 mobile on PC or Laptop in this article will admin give the tutorial. Please follow step by step properly and correctly so that the installation process runs smoothly.

How to Install PES 2021 on a Computer

Before proceeding to step by step installation pes 2021 please first read the recommended specifications. If your computer or laptop meets the minimum specifications or above you can play this game smoothly.

You can read the minimum PC specifications in this article the minimum PC specifications for PES 2021.

I assume your PC is ready and meets the recommended specifications. So now let’s move on to step by step the installation.

Step by step pes installation 2021

  • First of all, please go to the Steam site first or click here.
  • If it is then it will appear the steam site page, then pes 2021. then search for Pes 2021 Lite for the free version, or you can buy the paid version. In this tutorial admin uses the free lite version. To install the free version please press the install game button.
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how to install pes 2021

  • Then you will be directed to login steam, please login using your steam account or create a new account. Here the admin will create a new account, follow step by step if you do not have an account. On the login page please click join steam which is at the bottom right of your screen.

  • Please fill in all existing forms correctly, check the re-captcha section and the box below. If you have to press the continue button.

  • Then steam will send a confirmation email, please open your email inbox.

  • Look for emails sent by steam to verify your account, press the verify my email address button. Enter the username and password and then press the verify / complete button, then your account is successfully verified.

How to install PES 2021

  • If the account has been verified please login to the steam account that you have created earlier.

  • If you are already logged in then you will be directed to the steam homepage page, please search pes 2021 and press Play Game in pes 2021 Lite.

  • If a notification appears please press open url:steam protocol.

  • Later you will download pes 2021 lite file, and the installation process is easy to stay next and set according to your wishes.

If it is installed you can do settings such as joysticks, graphics, other controls, accounts, etc. Oh yes this game is an online game so you have to connect to the internet network, it is recommended to use WiFi because it requires a stable network and takes a lot of quotas. For those of you who have not installed WiFi you can install it first, here admin provides a promo install WiFi that can be your consideration of indihome promo 200 thousand.

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Sorry for the advanced tutorial has not been admin share because the admin computer device does not support. Insyaallah later pinjem has a temen for nerusin this tutorial. But calm down, you can continue the installation independently because it is very easy. Or you can also install pes 2021 mobile version on PC, you can read the tutorial through the article how to install PES 2021 Mobile on the computer.

Thus the article on how to install pes 2021 on the computer, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.

Originally posted 2021-07-01 08:24:22.