Complete! How to overcome Mobile Legend can not be opened

Why can’t a mobile legend be opened? This question often appears on MLBB community forums such as Facebook. Indeed, not being able to login ML is often an obstacle for some people, especially those who are still beginners and laymen.

Mobile legend error when opened is caused by several different things, and of course the problem is different. But you don’t need to worry, because in this post admin will share the most complete way to overcome the mobile legend application can not be opened.

But before continuing you must know in advance the problems that cause you can not enter a mobile legend. Here are the causes of mobile legend errors can not be opened.

The cause of Mobile Legend cannot be opened

There are some things that cause you can not open a mobile legend, Here are the causes of mobile legend errors can not be opened.

1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPNs are usually the cause of not being able to log into a mobile legend, as some VPNs do not comply with MLBB’s terms of service. But not all VPNs are blocked to access mobile legend, there are also VPNs that support mobile legend.

2. The phone is not compatible

The phone you use is also usually the cause of mobile legend errors can not be opened. Especially old phones whose specifications are still low, you usually can not open a mobile legend on the device.

3. Account on the tires

Also make sure that your account is safe from being banned, you can not log into mobile legend using the banned account. Usually this happens if you cheat or violate the game policy, so your account is on the tire and cannot be opened.

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4. Accounts used on other devices

Also be careful when entering an account on another device, do not forget to log out when you login on other devices such as friends, relatives, or common devices. When your account has not been logged out and the owner of the device is logged in, then you can not open a mobile legend. This happens because of a collision between 2 devices, so the 2 devices can not enter the mobile legend.

5. Connectivity Issues

Connectivity or networking can also cause errors when logging into a mobile legend, usually you can not get into a mobile legend when the network is bad. A problem that often occurs is stuck at the end of loading or even can not enter at all.

6. Full Internal Storage

If your phone’s internal storage is full you can’t open a mobile legend, because mobile legend requires space while running. The size of the mobile legend will get bigger every walk, if full memory can be the cause of not being able to enter a mobile legend.

7. Too much cache

Almost all games and applications such as mobile legend use cache, cache consumes the memory of the device and will get bigger. If the cache is not cleaned and accumulated, the phone will slow down and can not even get into applications such as mobile legend.

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8. Application data changes

If you change mobile legend data such as drone map, then usually you can not enter mobile legend after the update. Because actually this is prohibited by developers, besides not being able to open your account can also be banned.

9. Cell phones are infected with a virus

When your phone is exposed to a virus is usually a mobile legend error and cannot be opened, this is caused by an MLBB system that detects malware. You can’t get into a mobile legend when your phone is infected with a virus.

Of the several problems that cause not being able to open a mobile legend, now you have to determine which problems you experience. Because there is no way you can not get into a mobile legend because you are experiencing all the above problems, there must be only 1 or 2 problems.

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How to overcome mobile legend errors can not be opened

If you’ve found a problem that’s causing a mobile legend to be unlocked, now you have to fix it. And here’s how to fix a mobile legend that can’t be opened.

1. Make sure the Internet Connection is stable

You can’t get into a mobile legend if your internet connection is poor, because mobile legend requires a good and stable signal. Check your internet connection, can use the internet speed checker tool in google. Or you can try opening another application that uses an internet connection, if successful then the internet opens into your problem when you can not open a mobile legend.

You need to know that mobile legend uses the speed of uploading and downloading data, so although the capat to download is not necessarily also fast for mobile legends. Because usually the quality of downloads is faster than the quality of uploads.

2. Restart Device

If your internet connection is stable but can’t open ML, try restarting your phone. Because there are usually other programs running in the background and consume a lot of resources, so other applications are blocked or receive limited resources.

For how to restart the phone is quite easy, just need to press the power button with a long time and select restart. When your phone has been restarted then your phone will be optimal and the background process will stop.

3. Log out of all devices

If your account collides with another device and can’t sign in, try logging out your account on all devices. Because mobile legend accounts cannot be accessed by 2 or more devices simultaneously.

To log out on all devices is very easy, here is a tutorial to log out the ML account of all devices:

  • Open the MLBB app
  • Go to profile
  • Select account settings
  • Select the log out menu of all devices
  • Confirm for logout
  • You will re-login.

4. Check device specifications

Usually after the minimum specification update to run mobile legend increases, so phones with low specifications will be further left behind. If the specification of the phone is below the minimum specification, usually the phone cannot open a mobile legend.

For this case the only way to login and play mobile legend is to upgrade the device. So it is highly recommended to buy a new device with higher specifications according to Mobile Legend recommendations. Or if it doesn’t allow you to just take a break and not play mobile legend, until you buy a new device.

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5. Reinstall Mobile Legend

If the mobile legend still can not be opened, try reinstalling the mobile legend on your device. Usually this is caused by a corrupted or corrupt mobile legend data file. Damaged MlBB data files can occur naturally, and are corrupted by your own actions.

Corrupted files caused by yourself are entering mod data such as drone maps, script skins, etc. If the file is damaged it can cause the mobile legend to not be opened. So to overcome this you can reinstall the mobile legend or delete the mod data. But you have to restore the original file when you delete the mod file, so that the mobile legend can be opened normally.

6. Mobile legend update

If there is an update and you have not updated it, then the mobile legend cannot be opened. If you don’t update your mobile legend then you can’t get into a mobile legend. To overcome this is by updating mobile legend, can be through the Play Store / app store and directly in the game.

7. Provide Storage and clear cache

Full storage can cause mobile legends to not be opened, so please prepare adequate storage. To reduce storage and provide space you can clear the cache of all applications, because the application stores cache. In fact, usually the cache of one application can be up to 1GB if long not cleaned.

8. Contact CS Moonton

If you believe you’re not experiencing all the issues that are causing mobile legends to be unlocked, try contacting CS moonton. This way you can overcome the ineable mobile legend, and you will be helped by moonton.

You can contact via live games, through social media such as FB or Twitter. Just write I can’t open a mobile legend account, can you help me to overcome it? Then send and wait for a reply from moonton, it is advisable to contact through social media because it is faster to respond.

That’s a complete way to overcome mobile legend can not be opened, can you already login to mobile legend? If you still can’t log in to a mobile legend after following the above, please write your problem in the comments field.

Originally posted 2021-09-12 12:27:47.