PES 2021 Mobile Tips and Tricks! Use it if you want to win.

Ocazone – Tips and tricks Pes Mobile – Pes 2021 mobile is a game genre game, this game is the most popular football imitation game today.

The quality of the HD graphics as well as the player’s face that is really similar to the original makes this game the best android football game. In addition, this game also offers very realistic and not rigid gameplay, so this game is said to be the real football.

For those of you who like to play this game, you should read this article until it runs out. Because in this article there will be a lot of tips and tricks about mobile pes, there may be some tips that you do not know.

Tips to overcome Konami ID has been locked

Tips that we will discuss first is to overcome konami id has been locked, this problem usually occurs during the data transfer process. This problem occurs due to several factors such as too often entering the wrong password, accounts indicated to be dangerous, and others.

For those of you who experience this problem you do not need to worry, because I have prepared a tutorial to overcome it. If you need a tutorial on this problem you can read the article Successfully! How to overcome Konami Id Has Been Locked PES 2021 Mobile

Tricks to roll the GP quickly

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GP is the main currency in mobile pes games, with your GP able to search for players, pay player and coach contracts, etc. But the problem is sometimes we need a lot of GPs, and to get a lot of GPs is easy but difficult.

You can get a GP by completing a prize event, but if all events have been resolved it can be a problem. But you do not need to worry because I have prepared a trick to roll gp get a GP quickly please read only.

Mobile pes 2021 top up tutorial

If you need additional coins or want to buy a particular item, you should top up. Many top up methods that you can use, but sometimes there are still many obstacles.

Don’t worry if you are still experiencing mobile pes top up problems, because I have made a tutorial on how to top up mobile pes that you can try.

Pes mobile account change tutorial

Then there is a way to change accounts in pes 2021 mobile, this can be used especially for those of you who like to collect many accounts. To change your account you must have another account or create a new account on mobile 2021.

If you have another account on mobile 2021, don’t forget to save your account first before moving to another account. If it has been saved you can follow the tutorial how to replace the mobile pes account,if it has not been saved then your account will be lost or hit.

Tutorial returns lost bubonic plague accounts

If you forget to save your account and you run into problems with the mobile pes application, then your account will be lost. Some of the things that cause your account to disappear are deleting app data, reinstalling apps, changing accounts, etc.

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If you lose your account or your pes account is hit, you can follow step by step to retrieve the lost pes account. Then your account can be reopened if certain conditions are met.

Tutorial on swapping mobile pes players

If you want one or more players and you haven’t already got one, you can swap players on a mobile bub. But there are certain requirements so that you can exchange players in mobile pes, one of which is to have 3 twin players of one type. The point of 1 type is that the player has the same type e.g. 3 base player, 3 Player Carryover player,3 POTW players, etc.

To be more complete and clear you can read the article how to exchange mobile pes players,there has been explained in full so you just follow it.

Tutorial on deleting google account and konami id pes mobile

If your account is linked to a google account and you want to take it off, you don’t need to log into your old Google account. Because there are tricks that you can use to replace or remove them. Just like konami id account, to delete you do not need to login to the associated konami id account, you just need to overwrite it.

To be more clear and there is no misunderstanding please refer to the full discussion of unlink google play pes mobile,or if you want to delete konami id account you can listen to how to delete konami id account.

Tutorial install pes on laptop or computer

And lastly there is a tutorial install pes on a laptop or computer, of course this is free or you can also buy the paid version. To install the desktop version of pes on your laptop or pc we will use the steam version, so you need a steam account.

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But you don’t have to worry, because steam provides a free version of pes that you can play on your laptop or computer. If you want to try bubonic plague on a laptop or computer you can see the guide in the article how to download and install bubonic plague on a laptop or computer.


From some of the trick tips and tutorials that I have reviewed a little above, I can conclude that there are a lot of trick tips and tutorials in mobile pes games. There may be some you already know and some that you don’t know yet.

Actually there are still many tutorials on tips and tricks of mobile pes, but I have not discussed for now. Maybe later I will discuss and I update so that you can all read it if needed, so the advice from me bookmark this article so that you do not miss the update.

One more please just open the link available in each of the tips and tricks or tutorials, you will be directed to the article that discusses tips and tricks or tutorials in full.

Thus the article about tips and tricks and tutorials pes 2021 mobile, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you. If you have any questions please write in the comments section.

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