Gift Code: The latest Redeem Football Master 2 code along with how to claim

Ocazone – Football master 2 is a football game that is booming right now. There are many interesting events such as redeem codes or gift codes that can be claimed to get prizes.

Maybe for some players football master 2 does not know how to get the code redeem football master 2. Or some have already gotten the code but don’t yet know how to claim it. Now you do not need to worry because in this article will be explained how to get gift code football master 2 and how to claim the code redem football master 2.

Gift Code Update / Redeem Football Master Code 2

The first thing we discuss is the redeem football master code 2. How to get it and what gift code is still valid to this day. Here are some football master 2 redeem codes that you can claim to get free prizes.

Gift Code / Kode Redeem Bayern Munich

Update Gift Code Football Master 2 dated September 3, 2021, there is a new Gift Code that is Redeem Football Master Code 2 from Bayern Munich. Here’s the gift code.

“Raise your hand if you’re a Bayern fan!

As official partners of FC Bayern Munich, we hope they can win a tenth consecutive Bundesliga title this season!

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Now put “myasanmia” on the “Gift Code” page to claim the Bayern prize!”

So his Redeem Code code is “myasanmia” without quotation marks.

Gift Code / Kode Redeem Liverpool FC

Update Gift Code football master 2, Redeem Code from Liverpool FC. Here’s a gift code you can use.

“Liverpool vs Chelsea, Premier League 28 August 2021.

As official partners of Liverpool FC, we think they will get the win!

Now put “ynwa” on the “Gift Code” page to claim the prize.”

So the Redeem Code that you can use is “ynwa” without quotation marks.

Gift Code / Kode Redeem Manchester City

The latest gift code is the manchester city redem code, this redem code is given because Manchester City is an official partner.

Quoted from the official facebook page football master 2 Gift Code is still fresh and only given 5 hours ago when this article was created. Here are the words delivered by the football master 2 official:

As Manchester City’s official partner, Football master 2 wishes Jack Grealish all the best during his time at the Etihad!
Now put ‘bluemoon’ on the ‘Gift Code’ page to claim the prize. ”

From the above statement we can use the redeem code “bluemoon” without quotation marks to claim the free prize. The prize contains gems and and euros in a certain amount, so each user who claims the prize amount varies.

Gift Code / Kode Redeem Ac Milan

The second gift code is the redeem code ac Milan. This Gift Code was given football master 2 to celebrate the joining of Oliver Giroud to AC Milan. This is done by football master 2 because Ac milan is the partner or official partner of football master 2.

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The code was first issued by football master officials on July 23, 2021, but can still be claimed until now. Here are the words conveyed by football master 2 when giving the Gift Code ac Milan:

“It’s great that Oliver Giroud is joining Ac milan, ready to attack.
Now enter the code ‘forzamilan’ on the ‘Gift Code’ page to claim the prize. “

So the redem code is “forzamilan” without quotation marks. When you enter and claim the code you will get gems and euros in a certain amount, the reward will go directly into your account.

Gift Code / Euro 2020 Redeem Code

And gift code football master 2 that is still active and can be claimed is the redeem code Euro. This redem code was given by the Football Master 2 official to congratulate the team from the Italian country that had won Euro 2020.

This redem code can be claimed from July 12, 2021 and is still active until now, so you can still claim it. And here are the words that football master 2 official delivered when giving gift code:

“I’m coming ROME!, Congratulations Italy!
Now enter the code ‘euro2020winner’ on the ‘Gift Code’ page to claim the prize. “

So the third redem code is “euro2020winner” input the code to get gems and euros in a certain amount.

It seems like there are only 3 codes that can still be used today, the other admin check has expired. Continue to make those who do not know how to claim can continue to read the article.

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How to claim Gift Code Football master 2

Once you’ve gotten some redeem codes that are still active, now you should know how to claim them. As I alluded to above that there may be some players who do not yet know how to claim gift code football master 2. Therefore, in this article we will explain how. Here’s how to claim the Football Master 2 redeem code:

  • First of all, please copy or copy one of the codes that is still active.
  • Then open the Football master 2 app until it goes into the game.
  • Then go to the settings, it is located in the upper right corner in the shape of a gear.
  • Then select the Exchange Activation Code menu.
  • Enter or paste the Gift Code that you have copied earlier.
  • Then click the claim button.
  • Then you will get a gift in the form of gems and euros in a certain amount.
  • Please press the back button to check whether your gems and euros have increased or not.

Is it easy how to claim the redeem code of football master 2? For those who are still confused or still experiencing obstacles can be asked through the comments field, later will admin help. Or you want to ask other things about football master 2 such as request tutorials, tips, tricks, etc. can be discussed through the comments field.

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