How to increase adsterra CPM to 40 dollars

Ocazone – For those of you who use adsterra maybe cpm that can be small, let alone a new blog listed usually cpmnya still 0. Indeed, we need optimization to increase cpm adsterra. In this article I will explain how to optimize adsterra so that the cpm is high up to 10 dollars.

I created this article based on my experience, and needed several blogs that were used as experiments. So I found a suitable way to get a high CPM. I’ll tell you everything in this article about how I optimize adsterra starting from scratch with cpm 0 to CPM 1 to 10 dollars.

What I will discuss may be the type of website, the source of traffic, the type of advertising, the amount of traffic, and the origin of traffic. But later there will be other additions so that the way adsterra optimization is more complete.

How to optimize adsterra to increase CPM

To get a high adsterra CPM we certainly have to optimize it, there are several ways of optimizing adsterra. We also need to do experiments to check optimization, whether our optimization is good or there is still something lacking.

As I mentioned above we have to do experiments to increase adsterra CPM. Here are some things you need to optimize.

Increase adsterra CPM by selecting website type

You have to determine what type of blog you are optimizing for. The types of blogs in question are blog posts (Niche Tekno, Gado-gado, etc.), news blogs, download blogs, web streaming, url shortener/safelink, web movies, adult web, etc.

Once the type of web you already know, the next step is to register your web to adsterra. Then choose the same type of website as your website type. For example, you want to place ads on the downloaded website, then when registering adsterra choose the category of website download. This is very influential for CPM and the relevance of advertising.

For this section it seems that it does not need to be discussed longer, because it is very basic and you certainly know the type of your website.

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Improve Adsterra CPM with Traffic Source optimization

The second way to optimize CPM adsterra is to check where your web traffic source is coming from. Organic traffic has a higher CPM when compared to traffic from social media. This is a natural thing because almost all ad networks apply the same thing, even adsense.

But this can still be repeated so that the quality of traffic from social media increases. The way you can do this is to use a url redirect from Google. This is proven to increase adsterra CPM, can even be 5 times larger.

The trick is very easy, you only need to use a redirect url from google that leads to your article or web page. Here is an example of implementing a redirect URL:

For this trick I have tried and it turns out to be true, CPM adsterra starts to rise little by little. Although not yet 100% optimal but at least CPM is starting to rise. When I tried adsterra optimization this way my blog only had 2000 impressions of group share results and FB fanpage. And before using this trick CPM is sometimes 0 and the highest is only 0.2$. and worse again from 2000 impressions often get CPM 0 aka zonk. For this type of website is a news website or news blog.

Then I found a reference that uses this trick, and I try to apply it on the blog. And it turns out to be true, CPM starts to rise and rarely gets CPM 0 after applying this trick. CPM starts to increase up to 1$ and tends to be stable so that automatically revenues will rise as well.

Here’s a before and after picture of me applying this trick:

– Draw before applying the trick.

Adsterra optimization

– Picture after applying the trick.

Raise cpm adsterra

So in conclusion you can use this redirect trick to increase adsterra CPM. and of course this way is a safe way, it has been 2 months more I use this trick and CPM still remains stable at 0.5$ to 1.5 $.

Note: I use different blogs for experiments, so one website is used for 1 optimization method.

Increase adsterra CPM by Targeting Traffic Origin

The origin of the traffic referred to here is the GEO of your web visitors, or it can be said from which country the traffic comes from. For adsterra optimization in this way you must have an English-language website. This aims to increase the chances of overseas traffic that has a high CPM. The United States or U.S. is the country that has the highest CPM. When you get a lot of visitors from the country then automatically CPM will also go up.

But the problem is getting traffic from premium countries that have high CPM is not an easy thing. The basic key so that you can do this optimization is to understand English. It will be very difficult to get traffic if you do not understand English, because you have to create an English page.

I tried optimizing this method with crypto niche post blogs, to get my traffic share links in overseas telegram groups. Although it only gets 100 to 200 impressions per day but the CPM is quite good. CPM is never less than 5$ and can reach 48$, for this I use this type of Social bar ad and pop under only.

Adsterra optimizationThis method is very effective to increase adsterra CPM, but the biggest challenge is content creation and bringing in traffic. You should create a good and correct English article or page. In addition, you also have to find a place to invite traffic such as telegram groups, forums, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You should also be prepared because you will often experience being kicked out of a group or banned from forums/social media.

Optimization of the selection of Adsterra Ad Types that have high CPM

Then there is the type of advertising, this one thing you also need to optimize. Not all types of ads in adsterra contribute well to CPM, only a few types of ads are potential. Incorrectly using this type of ad will usually lower the CPM and interfere with other types of potential ads.

This is already my practice on the safelink blog that I manage, when I put banners at the bottom and top of the CPM button is very small. The CPM I got at the time was between $0.02 to $0.1$ for a local safelink traffic blog with an impression of 5000s per day.

After 1 week of running without changes and CPM remained the same, I tried to optimize the type of ads. I added pop under and social bar ads on the safelink blog, and slowly CPM started to rise between $0.2 to $0.3.

Not satisfied with CPM 0 comma I continue to optimize the safelink blog. Incidentally, while scrolling on Facebook nemu trick by asking the social bar ad code to the adsterra manager. I also tried to ask for a banner social ad code with a delay of 20 seconds, when installed CPM actually went down again. So I changed it to a normal social bar code and CPM returned to how it was.

Then I get advice from facebook friends to use direct link ads that say the CPM is stable and quite high. Getting advice from a friend, I tried it. I added a downloaded image and get link image on the safelink page at the top of the page, then at the top and bottom of the button. It aims to invite visitors to click on the image because they think it’s the safelink button.

Then after 1 weekly I let me open the statistics again and surprised, the CPM on the safelink page was stable at 1$ to 2$. Then check which types of ads contribute the most, and it turns out that direct link ads have the highest CPM.

Types of adsterra ads

Conclusion adsterra optimization

To increase the cpm adsterra we must choose the type of ads that suit the type of blog. Such a type of social advertising bar with a 20-second delay is not suitable for web safelink, but is more suitable for web visited in the long run. Such as tutorial articles, techno articles, business articles, etc. A good source of traffic is organic traffic, but you can outsmart social media traffic using Google Redirect. Geo or country of origin traffic also affects CPM, and lastly the number of visitors or the number of impressions. Usually the more impressions then CPM will be more stable and rarely get CPM 0 or rarely zonk.

Thus the article on how to optimize adsterra that I have tried to increase adsterra CPM. If you have any other way you can share it in the comments section. If something is wrong or something you want to discuss please just write in the comments field.

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