A complete Gold Investment Guide for beginners

Gold in this day and age has been opened only a piece of jewelry, but gold is now considered a fairly profitable investment option. Gold investment is relatively easy and suitable for beginners.

Gold investment is the safest investment and has a low risk when compared to other types of investments, such as bitcoin or crypto investments, property investments, stock investments, mutual fund investments, etc.

Gold has a price that tends to be stable and rarely a significant decline, even the price of gold can be said to continue to increase. Even gold became one type of investment that is quite popular, especially since the Pandemic appeared that caused the price of gold to rise significantly.

In addition to pandemic factors, the continuous rise in gold prices is also caused by the increasingly limited natural resources of gold producing gold. Therefore, for those of you who want to invest, try investing in gold, the safest investment and suitable for beginners because of its ease.

How to Invest Gold is risk-free and suitable for beginners

There are several ways and tips that you can use for gold investment, ranging from the classic way to the modern way. And here are some ways and gold investment tips for beginners.

Okay before to how to invest gold we will discuss gold investment tips first, here are gold investment tips.

Make sure the purpose of gold investment

If you want to invest, you certainly have your own goals, so before starting to invest in gold make sure first what your goal is to invest. Not only gold investment, all investments also require a goal that is used as a benchmark.

There are many investment goals such as wedding savings, education, property (home, land, etc.) or investments for old age.

If you want to invest for the long term then gold investment is the most appropriate investment, but if you want a short-term investment gold is not the right investment for you. Because gold investment is a long-term investment that takes years to get a big profit.

For example, you have a goal of buying a house in the next 5 years, and from now on you start setting aside your salary to invest in gold. You can use the gold saving method that will be explained below. If in 1 month you set aside 500 thousand from your salary then in 1 year you can collect 6 million rupiah per year, and 6×5 = 20 million in 5 years.

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This is called the purpose of gold investment, so even though you are still a beginner in the field of investment you must still have an investment goal so that you are easy to manage it.

Monitor the development of gold regularly

This is one of the mandatory things for gold investors, especially those who use classic engineering methods. So you have to follow the movement of gold prices continuously, so when the price of gold falls you can buy gold to add value to your gold investment. Or you can also sell your gold if the price of gold rises drastically and has a difference in selling price that is already favorable for you.

But very rarely the price of gold drops and rises drastically, so this investment is more suitable as a long-term investment. Why follow the price of gold if it’s a long-term investment? Rarely there is a moment of rise or fall in the price of gold drastically, so it is unfortunate if you miss the opportunity.

Buy gold in a trusted place.

This is also among the most important things when you want to invest in gold, because there are so many providers of illegal or illegal investments spread across Indonesia. So you need to be careful when you want to buy gold for investment, buy it in a trusted place.

Gold Investment


How to distinguish safe gold investment (legal) and investment bodong (illegal), in Indonesia there is already an authority that takes care of finance, namely OJK (Financial Services Authority). Usually legal investment services have an OJK label, but you must be careful and check it again on the OJK website because there is often counterfeiting.

In addition, you are also recommended to buy official gold or gold that has papers, do not buy gold that does not have a certificate because it will be very risky. One of the recommended places or companies for gold investment is at PT ANTAM, you can buy it at a direct branch office or buy it at a market place that sells official gold from PT ANTAM. Or if you want to save gold you can also open a gold savings account at PT Pegadaian, both of which are equally reliable because they are STATE-OWNED enterprises or State-Owned Enterprises.

Choose a safe place to store gold.

The selection of gold storage is also one of the things you need to pay attention to, do not let you store gold in the wrong place because you can lose your gold.

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The easiest and safest way to store your gold is to store gold in your own home using a safe or safety box, and keep the safe in hidden places such as room cabinets, room drawers, etc. Do not store gold in the open or affordable to strangers or guests because it is quite risky.

If you are rarely at home either busy work or many activities you can store your gold in SDB or Safety Deposit Box provided by the bank. But to use SDB of course there is an additional cost, but you can also store important files other than gold in the SDB such as home or land certificates.

Both are fairly safe and are one way to invest in gold that beginners need to know, these tips can reduce risk.

Okay now you already know the tips to invest gold for beginners, then you must know the ways to invest in gold. And here are the safe ways to invest in gold for beginners.

Investing In Gold Bullion with Classic Techniques

This first way is the simplest way to invest in gold, highly recommended for beginners because of its very easy way of working. Investing in gold with this method is to buy gold when the price is low or down and sell it when the price goes up, make sure the amount of difference in buying and selling is a lot because it’s your profit.

For example, you buy gold when the price drops by 100 thousand / gram, then 1 week later the price of gold rises to 150 thousand / gram. So the difference in buying and selling is 150-100 = 50, your profit is 50 thousand (this data is only an estimate, not valid data).

For those of you who want to use this method you must have high patience and have a lot of capital, because the more capital, the greater your profits. And this engineering investment is a long-term investment, can be 5 to 10 years to make a large profit.

Making gold savings

Gold Savings


The second way to invest in gold is to make gold savings, many gold savings providers that operate in Indonesia. How it works is almost the same as savings in general, only what distinguishes if usually saving using this money we save using gold.

One of the gold savings providers is gahanagriha.com,there you can save gold safely and easily.

And when the savings have been collected we can take it as a tool to buy other needs such as buying a house, land, getting married, education costs, etc.

If you use the concept of saving gold then you will not know inflation, so your savings will remain intact. Your savings will actually increase despite inflation in the products we want in the future. This is because the increase in inflation will soon be covered with the price of gold when converted to gold in grams.

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Pawn gold for business capital

If you have a lot of gold and you want to increase the value of gold then you can pawn your gold for business capital.

But you must be really serious and confident that your business will grow and succeed, do not let your business go bankrupt because you can lose your gold both partly and in whole. This is because if your business goes bankrupt then you don’t have enough money to redeem your gold back. So you have to be careful and have to think carefully about the business that you will run.

But if your business grows and successfully you can increase the amount of gold you have, you can redeem your gold back and even buy gold again with a lot of money.

If your business has been successful and running well the gold you have can be used as an asset and more capital to develop the company.

Benefits of Gold Investment

Investing in gold certainly has its own benefits so many do it, because it is impossible for people to want to invest if it is not profitable. Here are some of the benefits of investing in gold.

Protecting wealth or assets

If you are investing in gold it means that you have protected your wealth, considering the stable price of gold and tends to increase. For example, someday there will be inflation or economic crisis, the price of gold will not drop drastically and will even continue to increase. Different if you keep your wealth in cash or cash savings, then usually when there is inflation the value of the currency will also weaken.

Easy disbursed or high liquidity

Another advantage of gold investment is its high liquidity or easy to disburse. This means that gold is easily disbursed into cash whenever you need cash, but you must pay attention to the price or do not cash out gold when the price is falling.

Okay above are some tips, ways, and benefits of gold investment, hopefully can be a reference for all of you. Let’s invest gold for future guarantees, set aside a little of your income to invest. Not only gold investment, you can also invest bitcoin, stock investment, mutual fund investment, property investment, etc. Thank you for reading the article how to Invest Gold for beginners hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.

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