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Agatha Christie is a writer who loves the topic of Mystery and Crime is very famous in the world. In fact, he was awarded as the best-selling writer of all time, in addition to William Shakespeare. Even from the popularity of his books have sold as many as 1 billion more for the English edition, and one billion more sold in 45 foreign languages including Indonesian until 2003.

Christie’s books are the best-selling in France, where he sold or sold 40 million of his novels counted as of 2003. He passed another author, Emile Zola, who sold 22 million novels in France.

Profile of Agatha Christie

Nama : Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie (Agatha Christie)
Birth: September 15, 1890
Died: 12 January 1976
Country: United Kingdom
Pair: Max Mallowan (1930-1976), Archibald Christie (1914-1928)
Child: Rosalind Hicks


If calculated until now, it may have been tens to hundreds of billions of books or novels from Christie’s sold, because the above calculations only until 2003 only. Well for those of you who are curious or want to read a novel from agatha christie in Indonesian, you can download it through the link that admin provides. Here is a download link novel agatha christie PDF in Full Indonesian.

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You can download agatha christie pdf novels per series or per novel, or download all agatha christie novels in zip form through the link that admin has provided.

  1. Mystery in Styles (1920, The Mysterious Affair at Styles)
  2. Enemies in Blankets (1922, The Secret Adversary)
  3. Death Golf Course (1923, Murder on the Links)
  4. Brown Men (1924, The Man in the Brown Suit)
  5. Poirot Investigate (1924, Poirot Investigates)
  6. Secrets of the Chimneys (1925, The Secret of the Chimneys)
  7. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd)
  8. The Big Four (1927, The Big Four)
  9. The Mystery of the Blue Railway (1928, The Mystery of the Blue Train)
  10. Detective Couple (1929, Partners in Crime)
  11. The Mystery of the Seven Bells (1929, The Seven Dials Mystery)
  12. Murder at the Priest’s Guesthouse (1930, The Murder at the Vicarage)
  13. Mr. Quin the Mysterious (1930, The Mysterious Mr. Quin)
  14. The Mystery of Sittaford (1931, The Sittaford Mystery)
  15. Hotel Majestic (1932, Peril at End House)
  16. The Dog of Death (1933, The Hound of Death)
  17. Thirteen Cases (1933, The Thirteen Problems)
  18. Death of Lord Edgware (1933, Lord Edgware Dies)
  19. Murder on the Orient Express (1934, Murder on the Orient Express)
  20. Parker Pyne Investigate (1934, Parker Pyne investigates)
  21. The Mystery of Listerdale (1935, The Listerdale Mystery)
  22. Three Acts Tragedy (1935, Three Act Tragedy)
  23. The Killer Behind the Fog (1935, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?)
  24. Death in the Air (1935, Death in the Clouds)
  25. ABC Murders (1936, The A.B.C Murders)
  26. Murder in Mesopotamia (1936, Murder in Mesopotamia)
  27. Cards at the Table (1936, Cards on the Table)
  28. Murder on the Nile (1937, Death on the Nile)
  29. Silent Witness (1937, Dumb Witness)
  30. Murder in the Hallway (1937, Murder in the Mews)
  31. The Covenant with Death (1938, Appointment with Death)
  32. Ten Negro Children (1939, Ten Little Niggers)
  33. Killing Is Easy (1939, Murder is Easy)
  34. Murder on Christmas Eve (1939, Hercule Poirot’s Christmas)
  35. Thornless Roses (1940, Sad Cypress)
  36. Murder in Pixy Bay (1941, Evil Under the Sun)
  37. N or M?(1941, N or M?)
  38. One Or Two Pairs of Shoe Buckles (1941, One Two Buckle My Shoe)
  39. Corpses in the Library (1942, The Body in the Library)
  40. Murder (1942, Five Little Pigs)
  41. Poisoned Pen (1942, The Moving Finger)
  42. Towards Zero (1944, Towards Zero)
  43. Memories of the Dead (1944, Sparkling Cyanide)
  44. Revenge Explosion (1945, Death Comes as the End)
  45. Gema House (1946, The Hollow)
  46. Herculean task force (1947, The Labours of Hercules)
  47. Sling in Murky Water (1948, There is a Tide or Taken At The Flood)
  48. Josephine’s Notebook (1949, Crooked House)
  49. Murder Ads (1950, A Murder is Announced)
  50. They Came to Baghdad (1951, They Came to Baghdad)
  51. Mrs. Mc Ginty Is Dead (1952, Mrs. Mc Ginty’s Dead)
  52. Deception with the Mirror (1952, They Do It with Mirros)
  53. The Mystery of the BlackBird (1953, A Pocket Full of Rye)
  54. After the Funeral (1953, After the Funeral)
  55. Murder at the Student’s Cottage (1955, Hickory Dickory Dock)
  56. Towards the Land of The Middle of Nowhere (1955, Destination Unknown)
  57. Vaulted Tomb (1956, Dead Man’s Folly)
  58. Train 4.50 from Paddington (1957, 4.50 From Paddington)
  59. The Missing Link (1958, Ordeal by Innocence)
  60. The Cat in the Middle of the Pigeon (1959, Cat Among the Pigeons)
  61. The Christmas Banquet Scandal (1960, The Adventure Of Christmas Pudding)
  62. The Mystery of the Old Inn (1961, The Pale Horse)
  63. And The Mirror Cracks (1962, The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side)
  64. Mysterious Corpse) (1963, The Clocks)
  65. The Mystery of the Caribbean (1964, A Caribbean Mystery)
  66. Hotel Bertram (1965, At Bertram’s Hotel)
  67. Third Girl (1966, Third Girl)
  68. Endless Nights (1967, Endless Night)
  69. House on the Canal Bank (1969, By the Pricking of My Thumbs)
  70. Halloween (1969, Hallowe’en Party)
  71. Passengers to Frankfurt (1970, Passenger to Frankfurt)
  72. Nemesis (1971, Nemesis)
  73. Elephants Always Remember (1972, Elephants Can Remember)
  74. Gate of Fate (1973, Postern of Fate: A Tommy and Tuppence Mystery)
  75. Poirot’s First Cases (1974, Poirot’s Early Cases)
  76. Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case (1975, Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case)
  77. Pent-Up Murder (1976, Sleeping Murder)
  78. The Last Cases of Miss Marples (1979, Miss Marples Final Cases)
  79. Problems in Pollensa Bay (1991, Problem at Pollensa Bay)
  80. While The Day of Light (1997, While the Light Lasts)

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